10 amazing benefits of lemongrass on health

10 amazing benefits of lemongrass on health. Lemongrass or fever grass may be a grass like a plant with long slender foliage growing to about 2-3 feet tall.10 amazing benefits of lemongrass on health Leaves are greyish-green in colour. Stems and leaves impart a robust lemon flavour when utilized in cooking. Because lemongrass isn’t wintered hardy in colder climates, it’s best grown as a container plant.


Lemongrass is definitely grown from stem cuttings or divisions. If lemongrass is found within the produce section of the grocery, those stems can often be rooted. When grown in pots use pots with ample drainage holes and crammed with a prepared soil mix. Outdoors place the container during a full sun location and water as required to stay soil moist. don’t overwater as which will cause plant disease. Fertilize about every fortnight with a general-purpose liquid fertilizer. Before frost, move the plant indoors to a really bright light area for the winter. While indoors, water as need and reduce the frequency of fertilizer applications.



Leaves and therefore the stems are often harvested to be used. Leaves are cut and used as required either fresh or dried for later use while the tender white portion of the stem is most desirable.


Leaves are wont to flavour fish, soups, curries, sauces, and teas. The stems and leaves are utilized in Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Larger parts of the stalk are often added to stews or soup and removed very much like you’d a herb.

Benefits of lemongrass on health (fever grass)

1 – Better digest

Lemongrass activates digestion, stimulates the functions of the stomach, features a positive effect on rebellious colitis because of its antiseptic and healing action.

Lemongrass, infused after meals, reduces bloating and flatulence and calms stomach cramps.

2 – Deflate

Lemongrass has diuretic properties.
To deflate, eliminate toxins, and why not reduce, eat light and drink 3 times each day an infusion of lemongrass.

3 – Cholesterol and Diabetes

Lemongrass with natural assets can help us control our cholesterol levels or lower blood glucose levels.

4 – Joint or muscle pain

Lemongrass acts as a pain reliever for those affected by arthritis or rheumatism and even tendonitis.
Apply on the painful area a compress impregnated with a decoction of lemongrass.

5 – Fever, flu and colds

Infected? a touch fever?
The infusion of lemongrass, which has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, will assist you.
Drink 3 infusions of lemongrass within the day.

6 – Insomnia

A cup of infusion, within the evening, is suggested for the anxious and stressed people having difficulty to sleep.

7 – Menstrual period pain

Drinking lemongrass herbal teas are often of great help just in case of stomach pain.

8 – Anti Insects

Burn during a saucer of dried lemongrass.
In the West Indies, we even plant this grass ahead of the windows to repel flies or mosquitoes.

9 – Insect Bites

To avoid insect bites, rub your skin with a compress impregnated with a decoction of cooled lemongrass or maceration of lemongrass.

10 Roughly chop lemongrass stalks, then place them in small bags and place them within the dresser drawers and cabinet shelves


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