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8 foods that help stop smoking

Today, we are going to check out the 8 foods that help stop smoking.

Smoking cigarettes may be a lot like playing Russian roulette, with two sharp differences – the chances of you being killed are tons higher and in contrast to the fast painless death in Russian roulette, you’re almost guaranteed an agonizingly slow and painful death.8 foods that help stop smoking

Smoking is that the leading explanation for preventable deaths in most parts of the planet, with around a 3rd and fourth of all cancer deaths and heart condition fatalities due to smoking.

In other cases, smoking might not be directly liable for a fatal disease, but it severely impairs quality of life by increasing your risk for various other health conditions.

Nevertheless, quitting smoking is not any enter the park and there are not any short cuts to becoming smoke-free. Below are the 8 foods that help stop smoking.

1- Milk and dairy products

According to research at Duke University, milk helps to scale back the urge to smoke because it leaves a weird taste within the mouth of smokers – which repels their desire to smoke. additionally, its high levels of protein provide our body with energy, ideal once you feel depressed due to the oppressive desire for nicotine!

When you feel the urge for cigarettes to rise, drink yoghurt or a bit of cheese.

2-Fruits and vegetables

According to research conducted by the University of Buffalo, fruits and vegetables would help stop smoking. And studies show that folks consuming fruits and vegetables would be 3 times more likely to quit smoking than smokers who don’t eat tons of fruits and vegetables.

First, this phenomenon is thanks to the very fact that fruits and vegetables change the taste of nicotine within the mouth by making it unpleasant. additionally, being a source of the many vitamins, they supply our body with energy and nutrients that improve our mood (which is impaired by the shortage of nicotine) and thus reinforces our desire to quit!

Finally, fruits and vegetables are a source of fibre that calms our hunger for an extended time – and lots of smokers confuse hunger with the urge to smoke. That’s why once you want to smoke, choose a fruit!


The most common problem for people that have quit smoking is that they feel a scarcity of energy and are particularly nervous and stressed due to the shortage of nicotine. That’s why it’s recommended to eat bananas, rich in carbohydrates, magnesium and vitamin C that stimulate your energy and calm your body in stressful situations.

4-Green vegetables

Alain Tuan Who also recommends dark vegetables like spinach (preferably raw) which are very rich in vitamin B9 and magnesium – bringing you more serenity within the face of a possible lack of weaning.

5- Sunflower seeds

Researchers say that sunflower seeds have an equivalent effect on your mind as tobacco: that’s, they increase adrenaline production. they will therefore easily replace cigarette smoking.

Sunflower seeds even have a relaxing effect on your mind because they contain a B-complex vitamin complex that “feeds” the systema nervosum. (Be careful to not eat too much: sunflower seeds contain high levels of fat).


Cloves won’t completely assist you to stop smoking, but they will a minimum of assist you limit the number of cigarettes.

Indeed, after taking your first cigarette of the day, suck a clove. This one will leave you the taste of the nicotine within the mouth during a couple of hours thus allowing you to repel the will of a second cigarette;)

7- Oily fish

Oily fish like sardines, mackerel, herring and salmon also are recommended for smoking cessation. consistent with Alain Tuan Qui, our expert, they’re very rich in omega 3 and phosphorus, protective of the systema nervosum, essential when stopping smoking.

8- Herbal teas

To stop smoking, it’s imperative to drink enough avoiding coffee and alcohol which will instead aggravate your impulses to consume cigarettes. These indeed make the taste of nicotine better taste of our palate, so it’s best to not consume during the amount once we plan to quit.

  • Alain Tuan Who, a doctor specialized in holistic health advises you to choose herbal teas (verbena, chamomile, sapwood linden …) which are draining and soothing. you’ll also choose lemon water or tea for equivalent reasons

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