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All about cervical mucus in a woman

The cervical mucus is a whitish, viscous and filamentous substance which, produced through the cells of the cervix, then flows via the vagina: it’s far the well-known white discharge that offers a feeling of humidity is.

All about cervical mucus in a woman

It modifications in quantity and texture over the menstrual cycle. His remark is therefore beneficial whilst looking to have at the infant.

Its changes at some stage in the cycle
The consistency and amount of cervical mucus vary throughout the menstrual cycle, as its function modifications over time. At the beginning of the cycle, after menstruation, the mucus is scarce, whitish, “creamy”, thick.


We are out of doors the fertile length, and the role of the mucus is to guard the cervix from the microorganism through ultimate it tightly.

“At the technique of ovulation the mucus becomes greater considerable and translucent and its consistency extra fluid and shooting, due to the fact the meshes that compose it widen to facilitate the passage of spermatozoa toward the uterus and the tubes.

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On the day of ovulation the cervical mucus is maximally elastic, obvious and fluid (we talk of a texture of “egg white”). The cervical mucus gives a medium perfectly adapted to the spermatozoa, facilitating their movement, protecting them against germs and presenting them with the specific nutrients they need.

After ovulation, the mucus thickens and will become opaque again. The white losses disappear and the mucus will again close the cervix to save you microorganism, however also sperm, to enter.
Sometimes a little mucus appears some days before the menses, signalling in a way that they may not belong in arriving.

The remark of cervical mucus to get pregnant … Or not
The fertile period is when the mucus may be very clean and transparent, and the feeling of “wet” extra intense. By figuring out these traits of the mucus, you could, for this reason, understand the fertile duration:

Either to heighten the infant trials
at the contrary, to keep away from becoming pregnant: it is a natural approach of contraception known as the Billings approach.

Be careful, however, due to the fact this method, like other natural methods, requires a super knowledge of your body and is by no means 100% reliable.


Cervical mucus all through pregnancy
During pregnancy, the cervical mucus is opaque and really thick: it bureaucracy what is referred to as the “mucus plug”, which serves to defend the fetus bacteria and infections that could come from the vagina.

Towards the end of pregnancy, whilst the cervix starts off to change, the consistency of the mucous plug modifications: it turns into fluid and detaches little by means of little. Thick, yellow or brown losses, now and again mixed with a bit blood, can then appear. Do no longer panic: this doesn’t mean that childbirth is imminent.

Moreover, possibly to lose the mucous plug even as going to the toilet, without even noticing it. The loss of the mucous plug occurs most customarily some hours to 3 days before delivery. It’s a sign that your frame is working, that matters are moving forward and that child will quickly be pointing the end of his nose.


In the blink of an eye, you have gotten some answers concerning cervical mucus. Have you picked up anything new from this article? Let us know.

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All about cervical mucus in a woman

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