All mtn Cameroon ussd codes

Today, we are going to guide you on all mtn Cameroon ussd codes. Are you in need of a particular mtn Cameroon shortcode? If yes, then got your back. Below is a list of all mtn Cameroon ussd codes.

1. Mobile Money Service

Dialling *126# code will give you access to MTN mobile money service from which you can further choose a transaction to perform. You can send money, buy airtime, pay bills etc.

All mtn Cameroon ussd codes

2. MTN Wanda

MTN wanda is the best promotion bundles that will let you chat longer with your love ones. Dialling 12311# code will give you various options that you can choose from.

  1. MTN Wanda balance dialling *205# will give you the balance available on MTN wanda and will also determine whether or not you have any wanda bundle active.

4. MTN Wanda Net

With MTN Wanda Net, you can get amazing internet bundles that will enable browse longer than you ever imagine. Just dial 12310#.

  1. MTN Wanda Net balance
    With 12310*99#, you can get your balance available on MTN Wanda Net.

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6. MTN Extra

With MTN Extra, each of your calls towards MTN is free after the first minute at 1F/sec. You will also talk with no stress like a boss. Just dial *122#.

7. Join MTN YaMo

With MTN Yao, you get the following: Unlimited SMS for 30 days
Calls to all networks as from 199F only
Browse anyhow for 30 days as from 50F only
30 days available calls to your magic number when you dial *220#.
Unrestricted Game+ and Music+ on Wednesday and Fridays respectively
Detailed your MTN MoMo transfers at 50F, no matter the proportion
Not leaving out the loyalty points you get uponcconsumption.

  1. MTN YaMo balance
    This service enables you to check your MTN YaMo balance. Just dial 2209#.
  2. Dial 2200# to Unsubscribe from MTN YaMo
    This service will enable you to unsubscribe from MTN YaMo.

10 MTN Free
New at MTN. You can now buy your internet bundles directly on Facebook with *222#. Flex to enjoy free Facebook.

11. Call MTN Customer Service

8787 enables you to reach MTN customer service for any worries or difficulties you are facing.

12. Subscribe to Internet bundle

This service code helps you to subscribe to an internet package. You can further choose a daily, weekly or monthly package. Dial *157#

  1. Check Internet Balance
    This code gives you your main balance(in MB) which is available for internet service. Dial 15799#
  2. WhatsApp Internet package
    Subscribing for this service gives you a special data bundle that can only be used for Whatsapp messaging. *701# is the code.

  3. *168#
    FaceBook Package
    Subscribing for this service gives you a special data bundle that can only be used for Facebook.

  4. 1485#
    Subscribe to monthly SMS package(500F)
    Subscribing for this service gives you a monthly SMS package towards MTN contacts at a cost of 500frs for a period of 30days.

  5. 1481#
    Subscribe to daily SMS package(20F)
    Subscribing for this service gives you a daily SMS package towards MTN contacts at a cost of 20frs for a period of 24hours.

  6. 14899#
    Check the validity of SMS package
    This service will help you to know whether or not your SMS package has expired.

  7. *179#
    MTN Petit Goal
    With this code, you are able to subscribe for MTN petit goal service.

  8. *123#
    Access All MTN Services
    With this subscription, you can have access to all MTN services.

  9. 1358#
    Know Your MTN Number
    Ever trying to remember your phone number or trying to get the number of a new SIM card you just got? Then just dial this code.

  10. 1479#
    Refer To Web Play
    This subscription can help you to refer to the web play.

  11. 166num#
    Send a BipMe
    Ever thought of that traditional way we used to send a call back message where you had to know the person’s contact to enter it after dialling the code? It’ss not so with CamCode. with CamCodes, you can just pick that contact from your contact list.

  12. 150amtnumme2u#
    Transfer of Credit(Me2U)
    Here, you can transfer MTN airtime to any contact. You just need to enter the amount, the person’s contact and your Me2U code. You can also pick this number from your contacts book.

  13. 121amt#
    MTN Extension(borrow credit)
    This service enables you to borrow MTN airtime or data bundle. Just dial the code and make a choice from the options that will come up.

  14. 15986#
    Check Balance of MTN extension
    This service helps you to know the balance of your MTN prolongation.

  15. 1651*num#
    Add a favourite number
    With this service, you can set a particular contact as your favourite number. You can enter the number in the fields provided or choose it from your contact list.

  16. 1671#
    Enable EasyBooster
    With easy booster enabled, let’s say you recharge 500frs, then you get 500frs normal airtime, 500frs bonus airtime, and 500MB of internet data.

  17. 1670#
    Disable EasyBooster
    This service helps you to unsubscribe(disable) from the easy booster.

  18. 15980#
    Check EasyBooster balance dialling this code will enable to get your balance available on the easy booster.

  19. 1901#
    Enable MTN Go(Single rate 1F/s)
    This service helps you to enable MTNto to go service(Single rate 1F/s)

  20. 7015#
    MTN MY Office
    This service enables you to access MTN My office.

  21. 12312#
    MTN Go Plan
    This service enables subscription to MTN Go Plan

  22. 1679#
    Balance MTN Go Plan
    This service enables you to get your balance on MTN Go Plan

  23. 12311#
    International calls package
    Get all international call packages on this code

  24. 159123#
    Bonus MTN Mobile Money
    Get access to the Mobile Money bonus offered when you purchase airtime via mobile money.

  25. 1592#
    Calls bonus
    Get the balance of your bonus account for MTN calls.

  26. 1593#
    SMS Bonus
    Get the balance of your bonus account for SMS.

  27. *128#
    MTN play
    This service enables you to subscribe for MTN play.

  28. *146#
    Subscribe to MTN Zik
    This service enables subscription for MTN ZikSMSs to 8706
    Unsubscribe from MTN zik
    This service enables unsubscription for MTN Zik

  29. *179#
    MTN Rewards (loyalty program)
    Enable subscription for MTN rewards( a loyalty program).

In the blink of an eye, you have gotten some answers concerning all mtn Cameroon ussd codes. Have you picked up anything new from this article? Let us know.

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