All Nexttel Cameroon ussd codes

Today, we are going to guide you on all Nexttel Cameroon ussd codes. Are you in need of a particular Nexttel Cameroon shortcode? If yes, then got your back. Below is a list of all Nexttel Cameroon ussd codes.

All Nexttel Cameroon ussd shortcodes

  1. Customer service Nexttel: 8123
    Call this number if you want to reach Nexttel customer service.
  2. To know your nexttel number: *600#
    Ever got a new SIM card and wondering how to get the number or maybe you forgot your number? just dial this code.

  3. Check your airtime balance: *801#
    This code will provide your main airtime balance available.

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  1. Nexttel bonus credit: 8011#
    This service gives you all the Nexttel bonus bundles available
  2. Recharge a credit card: 802card num#
    This service helps you to recharge your credit card provided you have the card number.

  3. Transfer credit(Ishare): 869passnumamt#
    This service allows you to transfer Nexttel airtime to any Nexttel number. You have the option of choosing the contact of the person in the contact list.

  4. Subscribe to an internet package FLY or WhatsApp: *865#
    This service allows you to subscribe to an internet package FLY or WhatsApp.

  5. Balance available on the internet: 8651#
    This will help you to get the balance (in MB) which is available on the internet.

  6. Enable Eco+(400% bonus): *805#
    This service will enable Eco+ which will give you a 400% bonus.

  7. Enable Next15+(to call 15F/min): 8052#
    This service will enable Next15+ which will give you calls at a rate of 15F/min

  8. Consult your balance in Next15+: 80521#
    This service enables you to consult your balance in Next15+

  9. Jackpot subscribe to a package: *860#
    This service enables you to subscribe to the Jackpot package

  10. Check the balance of bonus credit: 8601#
    Helps you to check the balance of your bonus credit.

  11. CMB by SMS to 818
    Send a Call me back
    To send a call back to any nexttel number, send CMB by SMS to 818

  12. ON by SMS to 858
    Subscribe to the service FUN CLIP

  13. ADD, number by SMS to 808
    Block a number
    This service allows you to block a contact.

  14. ON by SMS to 808
    Activate the junk fax blocking service

In the blink of an eye, you have gotten some answers concerning all Nexttel Cameroon ussd shortcodes. Have you picked up anything new from this article? Let us know.

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