All Orange Cameroon ussd codes

Today, we are going to guide you on all Orange Cameroon ussd codes. Are you in need of a particular Orange Cameroon shortcode? If yes, then got your back. Below is a list of all Orange Cameroon ussd codes.

all Orange Cameroon ussd codes

  1. My Way: #131*4#
    My Way is one of the latest promotions from the orange that enables you to do things your own way.
  2. Access Orange Services: #111#
    This code enables you to access all orange service

  3. Orange money: #150#
    Dialling this code will give you access to Orange money service from which you can further choose a transaction to perform. You can send money, buy airtime, pay bills etc.

  4. Mobile internet bundle: #145*2#
    Subscribe to a mobile internet package
    This service enables you to subscribe to an internet package. Just dial the code and choose the type of subscription you want to perform.

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  1. Mobile internet balance: #145*1#
    Balance available on the internet
    Dial this code to know your main balance(in MB) available on the internet.

  2. Check your airtime balance: #123#
    Enables you to know your main airtime balance.

  3. Phone Number: #99#
    Know your orange phone number
    Dial this code if you want to know your orange phone number.

  4. Send Call Me Back: #146*num#
    To send a call back message, you will have to know the person’s contact to enter it after dialling the code.

  5. Transfer Credit: #144numamt#
    Here, you can transfer Orange airtime to any contact. You just need to enter the amount and the person’s contact.

  6. Subscribe to an SMS pack: #131*1#
    This service allows you to subscribe for an SMS package. Just dial this code and then make a choice from the options that will show up.

  7. Customer Service: 950
    This number enables you to reach Orange customer service for any problems you have.

  8. Orange bonus plus: #131*7#
    This service allows you to subscribe for Orange bonus plus.

  9. Maxi bonus package: #141*5#
    This service allows you to subscribe for Maxi bonus package

  10. Unique price any network: #117#
    This service offers you a unique price for any network

  11. International pack bonus: #131*4#
    This will offer you a bonus for your international calls.

  12. Recharge plenty(calls to 15F/min): #131*3#

  13. Take’s own(send the package): #131*5#

  14. Reload credit card: #188*num#
    Dial this code if you want to recharge a credit card.

  15. Voice messaging: 999
    For voice messaging

  16. Pay for me(call without credit): add200b4num
    With this service, you can actually call without credit(Your receiver will pay for you) just be adding 200 before the number you want to call.

  17. Funtime: SMS to 896
    You subscribe to this service by sending an SMS to 896

  18. My health line: SMS to 929
    To subscribe to My health line, send SMS 929

  19. Weekend surprise: #195#
    Orange weekend surprise

  20. Orange pulse/night calls #119#
    Orange pulse is a service that will offer unlimited night calls.

  21. 141

    Plenty fun, relax, family talk, Plenty classic

In the blink of an eye, you have gotten some answers on all Orange Cameroon ussd codes. Have you picked up anything new from this article? Let us know.

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