Buy backlinks: Before you buy backlinks, read this first

Buy backlinks: Before you buy backlinks, read this first

Having a website implies knowledge of SEO. If you are present on the web, it is that you certainly have objectives to develop your activity, to make yourself known and to attract visitors.Buy backlinks: Before you buy backlinks, read this first

This is why the SEO strategy should not be overlooked as it helps you to position yourself well on the search engines. There are many ways to improve the visibility of a site, and buying backlinks is a popular method in the field. This is why we tested for you the purchase of backlink in SEO.

Why buy backlinks?

My company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on backlinks and these are the reasons why buying backlinks is good in SEO.

1. Buy backlinks: to save time

What some people don’t realize is that white hat or black hat link building tactics are time-consuming! Creating backlinks is a huge time killer for SEO. This is basically the process to get quality white-hat links:

•Create quality SEO content worth promoting
•Search and prospect to find relevant link opportunities
•Qualify these possibilities
•Build a relationship with each opportunity
•Request placement of links on sites
•Test different outreach strategies to •improve your response rate
•If your request is accepted, you must then create content
•If you don’t want to create the content yourself, you have to go through the process of hiring a copywriter.
Repeat with next
Imagine the time that a link in outreach takes to realize! This is why buying links to netlinking agencies which already have processes in place and which optimize their time to carry out only these missions is interesting. Ultimately buying white hat links in outreach to colleagues is always time to save to focus on an SEO speciality that we know how to do.

2. Get positive SEO results faster

Starting from the premise that you are trying to acquire white or gray/black hat backlinks for your business, and keeping in mind the process mentioned above. Imagine how quickly your SEO results, your visits and your turnover would increase with the purchase of backlinks!

At the same time necessary to acquire links by yourself, you can buy hundreds of backlinks. The purchase of backlinks therefore clearly plays on the speed at which your pages are positioned in Google. In addition, without spending hours on these dizzying tasks, you can focus on other SEO priorities such as content creation, technical optimization, UX, page-level optimization, and even the optimization of the conversion of your site!

Quality backlinks improve SEO

The first point to remember when buying backlinks is that “not all links are created equal”.

Indeed, you must choose the links to buy so that they are favourable to your SEO. First, you need to carefully analyze the source of the backlinks to buy. This source must be related to the theme of your site. But it must also be trusted and benefit from a good positioning on Google in order to improve your SEO.

A study of SEO metrics of sources is therefore in order.
Second, know that it will be necessary to diversify the sources of your inbound links for good SEO. 10 quality links from several sources will be worth more than 50 links from a single source.

Finally, be aware that Google does not allow artificial links. This is why the content in which the backlink will be inserted must be natural and SEO optimized. It must be coherent and rich but also easy to assimilate and read.

To conclude, buying a backlink in SEO requires an in-depth study to avoid errors that could penalize your site. You can, therefore, trust professionals to be sure of success.

By buying backlinks you improve your natural referencing

Today, the presence on the internet has become essential for the majority of companies. The Internet touches the professional field and Internet users use it to find trusted companies, services and products. To make yourself known quickly, having a site is therefore essential. However, this implies a mastery of SEO because to attract visitors, you must above all be visible on Google’s search results.

Among the different SEO techniques, buying a backlink is one method that can be very effective. It should be remembered that inbound links are elements that refer to the reputation of a site in the eyes of Google. But this, therefore, helps to promote the positioning of your site. What is it exactly?

Buying backlink in SEO: how does it work?

Buying a backlink involves creating content on well-referenced websites or blogs that include an artificial link that points to your site. In return, you, therefore, pay money to the owner of the site or blog. The purpose of buying backlinks is to get people and your services talking about you. But backlinks also allow you to send visitors to your site, thus generating more traffic.

Your chances of converting these visitors into customers are therefore higher. But by buying links, you are also sending SEO juice to your site.

Buy backlinks easily on our network of private sites

However, be aware that buying backlinks is not done in a haphazard way. You should know that this strategy is not normally authorized by Google. If your links are therefore not consistent, Google can detect it and penalize your site on its ranking. It is always best to go through a netlinking agency to be sure that your inbound link purchase is done the right way.

To improve your natural referencing effectively, you could thus call upon a professional in SEO, a web agency or trust in platform putting in relation to the editors and the advertisers.

Backlinks purchasing platforms

From the directory to press websites, submitting is the most complete platform (in my opinion) on the market. The sites offered are partner sites. It is one of the first such complete platform created in France. The team pays partners well and the system is automated thanks to their WordPress plug-in.
the creators of semjuice have chosen to create their own rating algorithm for partner sites: the JuiceFlow. Semjuice thus offers prices according to site factors: TrustFlow (Majestic), CitationFlow (Majestic), referring domains, SEMrush Rank, Organic traffic, positioned keywords, domain age, theming. The purchase price of backlinks starts at 20 € with the Strawberry offer. A good solution for buying quality backlinks. :

Getfluence’s promise to sell is its offer of Real sites. Indeed, the volume of traffic on each partner site is searchable and is one of the biggest search criteria. A good platform to buy backlinks links in 2020. :
a perfect platform for its directory offer (the only one as inexpensive on the market). The only platform on the list which also offers the exchange of links between partners.

Update 2020: Ereferer also offers the purchase of direct links, including writing (or not) on quality sites (in addition to the directories it offered before). :
as its name suggests, Nextlevel Link is a new generation platform. It allows you to buy links in on sites already positioned on google. You enter your keywords, it offers a list of articles in which you can buy links. The sites are classified by category and by level: Bronze, Silver, Gold (depending on SEO metrics). The prices are in accordance with the level of the site. Next level Link is now open to partner sites. Like, NextLevel.Link pays partners very well. :
a cheap link buying platform. The sites are classified by categories and it is mentioned customer site or Tier 2 (practical for beginners who do not know if the site is of good enough quality to point to its money site. This platform only offers its own network of sites.

a nice platform for exchanging links on quality sites. To be frank, you will not find cheaper elsewhere for sites of such good quality.

What if we want free backlinks?

To get free backlinks of very good quality there is a multitude of possibilities:

business directories (Google My Business type)
social networks (Facebook fan page, Twitter profile, etc.)
video, infographics, music, photos platforms (with photographer profile)…
These 100 sites or social networks are the best way to boost the authority of your website. These links are completely natural and legitimate in the eyes of Google and they are even an integral part of Google’s algorithm for the race for 1st position

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