Cameroon GCE A/Level Religious Studies Past Questions

Cameroon GCE A/Level Religious Studies Free Past Questions

CAMEROON GCE June 2017 Religious Studies Paper 2
Two Hours Answer
FOUR questions in all, choosing TWO questions from each of the TWO Sections of you, choice.
All questions carry equal marks. Marks allocated for parts of questions are indicated in brackets.


(The Patriarchs: Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, Saul and David)
1. (a) What did God tell Abraham in his vision before God’/s covenant with him? (2 marks)
(b) How did the birth of Ishmael bring problems to the household of Abraham? (6 marks)
(c) How did Israel enter Egypt? (6 marks)
(d) Why were the Israelites treated cruelly in Egypt? (4 marks)
(e) From the story above, state two reasons why cruelty is bad. (2 marks)
Total (20 marks)

  1. (a) State 2 miracles from Egypt to Mount Sinai. (5 marks)
    (b) Give 2 reasons why the Israelites preferred their stay in Egypt to life in the wilderness. (5 marks)
    (c) State the 10 Commandments. (10 marks)
    Total (20 marks)
  2. (a) Name the 2 wives of Elkanah. (2 marks)
    (b) What was Hannah’/s promise to God if he gave her a child? (2 marks)
    (c) Why did Hannah name her son Samuel? (2 marks)
    (d) Why was God displeased with Eli’/s sons? (4 marks)
    (e) Give 2 reasons why God fell out with Saul, (6 marks)
    (f) What did Samuel’/s tom robe signify? (4 marks)
    Total (20 marks)

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4. (a) What name is given to
(i) Mary’/s Song?
(ii) Zechariah’/s Song? (2 marks)
(b) State the responses to Jesus 3 temptations. (6 marks)
(c) Explain 1 significance from the responses. (3 marks)
(d) Name the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, (6 marks)
(e) Give 3 instructions Jesus gave to the 12, (3 marks)
Total (20 marks)

  1. (a) State and explain 2 characteristics of St. Luke’/s Gospel. (6 marks)
    (b) Define the word miracle. (2 marks)
    (c) Narrate the miracle of the “/miraculous catch of fish”/. (6 marks)
    (d) Give 3 reasons why Jesus performed miracles. (6 marks)
    Total (20 marks)
  2. (a) State 3 groups of parables in St Luke’/s Gospel. (3 marks)
    (b) Why did Jesus teach, in parables? (10 marks)
    (c) What were the crowds cry as Jesus rode into Jerusalem? (4 marks)
    (d) Who presided over the Roman trial? (1 mark)
    (e) State any 2 words of Jesus on the cross. (2 marks)
    Total (20 marks)

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7. (a) State any 3 things which must be done before a prescribed prayer is performed (3marks)
(b) What would happen if any of the things mentioned above is not done? (3marks)
(c) State any 4 articles of faith. (4marks)
(d) Name and explain any 3 types of food forbidden in Islam (6marks)
(e) Give 2 reasons why you think the types of food mentioned above are not good (4 marks)
Total (20 marks)

8.(a) Explain the Islamic teachings on drinks (4 marks)
(b) How relevant are these teachings today? (3marks)
(c) Explain the Islamic teachings on Usury. (5marks)
(d) Give any 2 problems Muslim businessmen face in their attempt to avoid usury. (3marks)
(e) Mate the Islamic teachings on breastfeeding. (5marks)
Total (20 marks)

9 (a) State 6 things mentioned in the covenant between Allah (SWT) and the children of Israel. (6 marks)
(b) in what 3 ways did the children of Israel go against the covenant? (3 marks)
(c) What was Allah’/s re-action to the stubbornness of the children of Israel? (2 marks)
(d) What 2 lessons can we learn from the story? (3 marks)
(e) Give 3 consequences on their descendants, of the expulsion of Adamu and Hawa from the Garden of Eden (6 marks)
Total (20 marks)


10 (a) Describe the Economic life of the people of Arabia before the coming of Islam. (7 marks)
(b) State any 3 reforms on the Economic life of of the Arabs after the coming of Islam. (3 marks)
(c) Name the 6 Imams known to have compiled the authentic Hadiths of Islam. (6 marks)
(d) Explain any 2 factors that facilitated the spread of Islam after the death of the Prophet (4 marks) Total (20 marks)

  1. (a) Explain how the Tabuk expedition was organised. (8marks)
    (b) What 2 lessons can we learn from the way the Muslim army was equipped? (2marks)
    (c) Give 2 reasons why this battle was only a “/test of faith.”/ (2marks)
    (d) Give 2 reasons why some Hadiths are said to be weak. (2marks)
    (e) State any 6 points addressed during the Prophets last sermon. (6marks)
    Total (20 marks)
  2. (a)Give 4 points to justify that Muhammed bin, Abdallah (SAS) was a prophet from Allah (SWT) (8marks)
    (b) Describe the reign of Umar ibn El- Khattab as a Caliph. (6 marks)
    (c) State 3 main differences between the Holy Qu’/ran and the Hadiths. (6 marks)
    Total (20 marks)

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