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Cassava and Cancer cells -how to prepare it

Cassava and Cancer cells -how to prepare it

So far, this distinguished plant has been used in the making of bread and beverages, but studies have now proven that it’s miles a potential cancer remedy and infertility!

Today, we shall how cassava can be used to treat cancer, how to prepare the cassava, and some precautions involved.

Cassava, also known by using the scientific name of Maginot esculenta, is a plant that is native to regions of South America that belongs to the euphorbia circle of relatives of plants.

Cassava and Cancer cells -how to prepare it

Cassava and Cancer cells

Recent research has shown that cassava may be valuable to our fitness because of the many health benefits it offers. The leaves of the plant are rich in protein, lysine and beta-carotene, even as the foundation is full of calcium and diet C.

Regularly consuming the plant will truly enhance bone strength and electricity. Scientists have additionally observed that the plant may be used as a therapy for infertility, complications and arthritis.

Health benefits of the cassava plant

Lankacnews.Com reviews that several studies have shown that the plant may be an effective remedy against tumours.

In addition, tapioca, a cassava extract has been found to be very versatile and useful within the treatment of numerous health problems.

It can prevent diabetes, congenital anomalies, enhance flow and purple blood cellular count, hold fluid balance inside the body, decrease cholesterol, guard bone mineral density, improve digestion, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, defend cardiovascular fitness and assist weight gain.

Cassava and Cancer cells -how to prepare it

Some people agree with that tapioca can help heal bladder, colon and prostate cancer.
A rich source of vitamin B17 – the most cancers killer
The vitamin B17 content material of cassava is the purpose in the back of its powerful anti-cancer properties.

Knowing this, Dr Cynthia Jayasuriya, an ear, nostril and throat surgeon, started to have a look at foods rich in this diet while she was recognized with transient cell cancer.

She has been battling sicknesses for almost a decade, while she decided to try a natural remedy while she studies about cassava on

Dr Jayasuriya discovered that cassava is wealthy in this nutrition, so she started taking it for a month. She ate a complete of one hundred grams of the plant three terms a day. In the morning she ate cassava porridge, whilst inside the afternoon and evening, she ate like a curry.

Cassava and Cancer cells -how to prepare it

After a month, she did a cystoscopy that found out no signs and symptoms of most cancers!
Once the cassava plant enters the body, diet B17 mixes with rhodanese, an enzyme that breaks down the nutrition into 3 sugars.

The cancer cellular is an immature cellular with an exceptional enzyme, beta-glucosidase, which breaks vitamin B17 into glucose, benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.

The acid acts as an LTTE cyanide capsule, correctly killing the most cancers cells.
If the diet combines with the enzyme of the most cancers cellular, it breaks down into 1 sugar, benzaldehyde and 1 l of hydrogen cyanide, which kills cancer cells locally.

Preparation of cassava for consumption

Cassava needs to be cooked finely before consumption because it includes a small quantity of cyanide which should be removed.

  • First of all, you have to peel the plant.

-Cut into pieces and alternate among hot and cold water. When soaked, positioned them within the refrigerator and depart them for a few hours.

  • Pour the liquid in which the cassava pieces soaked in every other liquid including fruit juice or water, and drink the solution before breakfast every morning.

Cassava and Cancer cells -how to prepare it

Precautions to take when preparing cassava

  1. Never, never repeat, eat ginger with cassava, or maybe after eating cassava.

If you have got eaten cassava, do no longer take any form of ginger or ginger products, which includes ginger beer and ginger and nutcrackers.

The serious risks of mixing ginger and cassava are widely recognized in Sri Lanka.

  1. When making ready cassava for consumption, take a look at whether or not the tuber has a blue line whilst peeled for cooking.

If there is a blue line, the cassava needs to be discarded. Cassava includes cyanide and the blue line suggests the emergence of cyanide.

  1. Cook the cassava in a terracotta pot.

Fill the pot with water to cowl the cassava completely, and properly above the cassava level.

When you boil, hold the pot open.

Do now not near the jar with a lid.

Once the cassava is cooked, discard the cooking water.

Cassava and Cancer cells -how to prepare it

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