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Cure constipation naturally

Today, we are going to show you how to cure constipation naturally
Constipation may be a delay or difficulty passing the stool. Constipation occurs when the stool moves too slowly along the massive intestine.How to cure constipation naturally

The frequency of evacuation varies from person to person, from 3 times each day to 3 times every week. In most cases, constipation is transient. it’s chronic when it lasts 6 months or more.

Causes of constipation:

Constipation occurs when the movement is bogged down and therefore the stool stays within the colon for too long.

Most of the time, it’s thanks to bad lifestyle habits: stress, anxiety, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet (poor in fibre and liquids), etc.

However, other factors could also be involved and stop daily bowel movements:

• Hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, etc.)

• The presence of haemorrhoids or anal fissures: the one that suffers from it refrains from having a movement

• Delayed movement when the urge arises: the longer they stay within the colon, the harder the stools become like stones and difficult to pass

• Taking certain medications: strangely, laxatives if appropriated an extended period of your time

• Poor synchronization of reflexes: the muscle of the anus contracts rather than relaxing during defecation: on the opposite hand, during this case, the causes would be psychological and not physical

• Constipation are often the results of more complex illnesses: irritable bowel syndrome, colon damage, colorectal cancer, etc.

You ought to also avoid foods that have constipating properties:
Excess Bread, Cooked Carrots, Bananas, Rice, Cheese, Coffee, Tea, Alcohol


  1. You want to infuse the leaves (put the leaves in predicament for a couple of minutes) of the common allamanda plant and drink 3 glasses each day during the constipation period.
  2. Eat the ripe papaya.

  3. Crush the papaya leaves and squeeze to possess the juice, adding to the present papaya leaf juice, juice, ginger and honey. Drink this mixture especially within the morning on an empty stomach, very effective.

END of how to cure constipation naturally

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