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Flat tummy: Get a flat tummy in 10 minutes

Here is the exercise that will give you a flat tummy in 10 minutes

All mothers in the world know that their stomach is loose and flabby after childbirth. You would think that there is no exercise capable of bringing back a flat tummy.Flat tummy : Get flat a tummy in 10 minutes

The scientific term which qualifies this state is however little known. It is the diastase of the great right, an abdominal relaxation resulting from the pressure of the fetus on the abdominal muscles of the mother around the navel.

While these muscles replace themselves immediately after childbirth in some lucky moms, they can remain distended in others. The organs and tissues then protrude and form a small belly.

According to specialists, it is enough that the muscles return to their place for the belly to flatten. The following stomach strengthening exercises could be very helpful.

And to get an even faster result, you can practice at home a simple 10-minute exercise that makes you slim down.

Start by sitting on the floor and cross your legs, then put your hands on your stomach. Take a deep breath to the bottom of your stomach. Then, while exhaling, tuck your abs as far down as possible towards the floor.

Continue taking deep breaths and push your abdominal muscles in more and more with each exhalation, as if you wanted to press them on your spine. Continue for 10 minutes.

And There you go! Until tomorrow at the very least. This exercise has proven itself. A pilot project led by Leah Keller, personal trainer and Dr Geeta Sharma, obstetrician-gynaecologist at the Weill Cornell medical centre (New York-Presbyterian Hospital), involved 63 women with, particularly lax abdominals.

After practising this daily 10-minute exercise for 12 weeks, they all overcame their upright diastasis. Some had even lost a few inches around their waist.

“We have had patients who even benefited a year after giving birth,” says Dr Geeta Sharma. We were delighted to be able to help all these women. ”

Even if this exercise has not been tested on men or women who have not given birth, we believe that it can really be useful.

By Bobvalla

Bobvalla Lesly Fomantum is a Cameroonian from the Northwest part of the country. He is a medical student and the founder of which is a health and fitness website. Bobvalla is kind, humble, hospitable, curious to safe lives. Being a medical doctor for him is not a profession nor a job but the passion he has for the field.

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