Girl or boy? How to choose the gender of your child

Girl or boy? How to choose the gender of your child

The right times to conceive a boy or a girl is a method followed by thousands of women with a success rate ranging from 75 to 90%.
Certain eating habits, and more precisely certain mineral intakes, could modify vaginal secretions and thus influence the path of sperm.Girl or boy? How to choose the gender of your child

How does it work?

It is assumed that if the vagina is more acidic, it will favour the more resistant X sperm, and therefore the conception of a girl. Conversely, an alkaline vaginal environment (basic, antacid, editor’s note) will favour Y sperm faster than X, and therefore the conception of a boy.

The concept is therefore based on the content of your plate. We have selected a number of foods which are, according to your wish to have a girl or a boy, either acidifying or alkalizing. But beware, do not trust the acidity of the taste. Take the example of lemon, acidic, yet it will produce an alkaline pH.

To conceive a girl we will look for foods containing calcium and magnesium such as dark chocolate, almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts, dairy products, cheeses, vegetables, etc.

And to conceive a boy, we will prefer all the intakes of foods rich in sodium and potassium like white beans, baking soda, soy, squash, avocado, turnip, etc.

Then, once the pH is changed, the date of intercourse also counts: to have a boy, you must have sex on the day of ovulation or around the date of ovulation.

And to have a girl, you have to have sex 2 to 3 days before the date of ovulation. In this case, the Y sperm have time to run out, while the X that has resisted will quietly reach the egg and fertilization will take place with the XX and it will give a girl. End of Girl or boy? How to choose the gender of your child.

By Bobvalla

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