Health Benefits of Gongolili

Today, we are going to look at the health benefits of Gongolili.

Vetiver called Chrysopogon nigritanus is a herbaceous plant in the family Poaceae (grasses). Known as the gongoli (dioula) in Côte d’Ivoire, this species has fragrant roots. Native to India, this herb is very present in tropical areas of the world. Health Benefits of GongoliliMost often introduced by industries using aromatic oil provided by its roots, it grows in India, Reunion, the Caribbean, Africa, South America and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Health Benefits of Gongolili

The gongoli has the virtues of disinfectant. It cleans the impurities of the belly, purifies the body of the woman. This magic product naturally lubricates and scents the vagina and prevents urinary tract infections.

This root also alleviates pain caused by menstruation and after childbirth. It helps women to boost their libido, gives a good intimate smell and prevents vaginal dryness.


It can be used warm or fresh.

Warm  : Boil and drink the decoction. Let cool and pour into a bottle and consume this infusion like your water. Do not forget to consume at bedtime. You can also use it for your intimate or steam toilet.

Fresh  : Wash the roots and put them in a bottle of water and drink the liquid obtained.

It is accessible to everyone. The price is not expensive. It can be found in the markets, at street vendors. The big stem costs $5 and $3 for the small stem. The gongoli is highly recommended for future and new brides

You can consume the gongoli infusion during the day. Do not exist to use Gongoli. It can save your couple!

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