Health Benefits of Kinkeliba

Today, we shall discuss the health Benefits of Kinkeliba, indications and precautions to be taken.

kinkéliba is a shrub, known by the scientific name of combretum micranthum. but kinkeliba is the colloquial name attributed to it. the kinkeliba plant grows everywhere in tropical areas especially.

Health Benefits of Kinkeliba

what is most consumed are kinkeliba leaves, especially in some countries like Senegal and Mali, where the kinkeliba product is consumed a lot during breakfast or during fasting instead of coffee or tea.
The whole plant is variously used to treat diseases like viral hepatitis and others.

kinkeliba is in particular capable of increasing urinary secretion and facilitating the evacuation of bile. almost specific, against hematuric bilious fever.

kinkeliba can be used as a fluid extract in jaundice and cholelithiasis. thus kinkeliba wood and leaves are used against anaemia, tonic, feverish due to drinking a litre per day for three days or more, depending on the severity.

It is the leaves, the root and the stem that are boiled in water for fifteen to twenty minutes and then allowed to infuse for a few minutes, adding sugar and milk at will.

It is possible to use a decoction of kinkeliba for cereal porridge for a patient. kinkeliba can replace coffee or tea at breakfast.

It is also used in the treatment of constipation,

-Stimulation of digestive function and appetite.

-Treatment of gallstones:

-Stimulating action on bile function.

-Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial:

-Soothes people suffering from infectious diarrhoea.

-Urinary disorders:

-Promotes urinary excretion.

-Supplement for weight loss diets.


  • calculation of the gallbladder.
  • Hepatic insufficiency
  • digestive disorders due to insufficient contraction at the origin of peristalsis of the intestines.
  • in addition during weight-loss diets
  • in addition to fasting periods to prevent constipation.

In humans, beta-sitosterol lowers blood cholesterol and is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Its soothing properties on infectious diarrhoea in Africa can be explained by the antimicrobial effect of the extract on many germs found by in vitro studies.


The use of combretum is contraindicated in pregnant or lactating women, or else must be subject to strict medical monitoring. moreover, it is not advised to administer it to children under 2 years without the advice of a doctor.

Health Benefits of Kinkeliba

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