Health Benefits of safou or plum

Health Benefits of plum or safou.
Plum is additionally rich in minerals: phosphorus, calcium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, etc.Health Benefits of safou or plum

The plum has several preventive and therapeutic virtues; it, therefore, makes it possible to cure several patients such as Constipation, Cancer, Osteoporosis., Blood lipids, Cardiovascular diseases, and Anxiety.

Plum promotes digestion after meals. it’s very rich in amino acids, fatty acids, phytosterols, higher alcohols and thus, participates in enriching the physical body with vitamins necessary for the fight against malnutrition.

1. Plum oil extracted from plum may be a renowned cosmetic product used for its regenerative properties on the skin. it’s also used on the hair to fight against dandruff and to market hair regrowth.

2. Its high content of essential fatty acids, allows it to act effectively during a diet when it’s consumed in reasonable quantities.

3. Likewise, it acts effectively in reducing cholesterol levels thanks to its low carbohydrate constitution.

4. it’s known for its digestive properties; clearly consume plums after an important meal would allow us to raised digest our meal.

5. In infusion, the leaves of the plum help fight against painful periods.

6. The plum contains fibres, minerals and copper necessary for the formation of bones and therefore the maintenance of health.

7. It fights against indigestion, constipation and digestive disorders.

In the blink of an eye, you have gotten some answers concerning the health benefits of plum or safou.
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