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Health benefits of turmeric pills

Health benefits of turmeric pills

The turmeric supports the well-being of the body. The high bioavailability of these pills, due to the phytosome complex, allows absorption 30 times greater compared to uncomplexed curcumin. They contain a large number of curcuminoids and offer many benefits.Health benefits of turmeric pills

Health benefits of turmeric pills

Anti-inflammatory properties :

This pill is considered to be a very powerful anti-inflammatory, especially in the case of respiratory pathologies such as bronchitis. Its curcumin content allows it to be used as a symptomatic approach and thus facilitate the reduction of inflammation. It is enough to consume it in association with black pepper and ginger, associated with good vegetable oil, to facilitate its absorption.

Antibacterial action :

Some studies claim that its active ingredients help eliminate bacteria and control the risk of infection. Turmeric pill is used in several traditional medicines in anti-fungal remedies and to treat salmonellosis.

Stimulant and anti-depressant:

Its high content of agents to stimulate the nervous system and the immune system, while acting on mood makes it a supplement of choice to treat depression, mental disorders but also emotional and emotional shocks.

Anti-stress action:

The consumption of this spice will stimulate the nervous system and increase the production of serotonin. Thus, it will naturally help us to combat stress and reduce the effects of anxiety on a daily basis or before an important event (just like beetroot ). In a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers found that after 8 weeks of taking curcumin supplements, patients showed better mood results.

Anti-cancer properties:

Research is in progress in the field but the first results show that the spice contains no less than 10 anti-carcinogenic active ingredients. They make it possible to have an action on breast, skin or colon cancers but also on the side effects of different treatments such as chemotherapy.

Turmeric and osteoarthritis:

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric pill helps relieve pathologies such as osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatism.

Benefits on the joints :

This rhizome can become, in high doses, a real pain reliever. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant but also physiological action, due to its curcumin content, allows it to act on chronic inflammation, especially when it affects the joints. Consuming turmeric is, therefore, a pleasant way to take care of your knuckles that we abuse too often!

Treatment of liver and bile problems:

This spice also has many virtues on the liver. In addition, it acts as a hepatoprotective. It is particularly recommended in case of digestion problems, cirrhosis, liver disease or problems related to the gallbladder. Consumed daily, it will help remove stones, drain the liver but also become a particularly interesting tonic for our gallbladder.

Action on the stomach and digestion:

The stomach is a more sensitive organ than we think. Meals rich in fat and/or spicy are not easy for him and turmeric pill can be a very interesting ally in this sense. It will indeed stimulate the secretions of gastric and pancreatic juices to facilitate digestion while balancing the pH of both the stomach and the pancreas. It is particularly recommended for people prone to slow digestion, chronic gastritis, dyspepsia or lack of appetite.

Menstrual cycle regulation:

This spice is known for its menstrual regulation properties. It helps relieve the pain and other symptoms that many women experience during this period of their cycle. However, it will be necessary to monitor its dosage because turmeric pills can interfere with ovulation.

Turmeric and the heart:

Several studies highlight the benefits of this rhizome for cardiovascular health, especially with regard to attacks. But it has a much wider action since it can be used to reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood as part of a balanced diet.

Natural purifier:

By helping the body to cleanse itself, this spice can be used, in combination with other detoxifying plants, to purify the body and limit the effects of free radicals.

Action on flatulence :

Turmeric pill is a carminative food and is very useful for eliminating intestinal gas while relieving digestive disorders, colic or digestive atony. It can, therefore, be very interesting to add it to our dishes rich in cabbage or legumes.

Contraindications and potential dangers

The so-called Indian saffron is, therefore, a wonderful health ally. However, it may present contraindications in certain specific cases.

First of all, it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing or people going to have an operation. Its use is also contraindicated for people suffering from gastric ulcer and serious bile problems such as stones.

In addition, consumed in very high doses over a prolonged period, turmeric can cause gastric disorders. Despite its hepatoprotective and antiulcer properties, it can, in fact, cause stomach irritation as well as damage to the digestive mucosa which can cause an ulcer.

If in doubt, I advise you to seek advice from your doctor, especially before starting a course of treatment, especially if you are following an anti-coagulant, thinning or anti-inflammatory treatment.

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