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Homemade toothpaste: how to make your natural toothpaste (Step by Step)

Natural homemade toothpaste with 3 different methods is what you are going to learn in this chapter. 

Homemade cosmetics are becoming more and more fashionable. Organic and 100% natural, homemade cosmetics allow you to adapt recipes to your needs while respecting your health and the environment.

Natural homemade toothpaste with 3 different methods

To take care of your teeth, why not make your own toothpaste? Here are our tips and recipes for toothpaste.

What are the benefits of homemade toothpaste?

Homemade toothpaste helps bypass the aggressive products that can sometimes be found in industrial toothpaste, from fluoride to peroxide. Indeed, all kinds of toothpaste are not biodegradable and do not necessarily have compositions 100% healthy for your mouth and for your body in general.

Making your own toothpaste is the guarantee of a natural formula where you master all the ingredients. So, you can adapt the recipe to your needs: rather freshen the breath, to prevent cavities or for fragile gums. It is also the guarantee of a more economical toothpaste, with inexpensive ingredients.

Finally, making your toothpaste is also a gesture for the planet: exit chemical and non-biodegradable products, no more packaging, you can reduce your production of waste.

 What precautions to take when making your toothpaste 

To make your toothpaste safe, you must respect the recipes you find and make sure they come from trusted sources. In fact, when dosing abrasive elements, care must be taken over the doses so as not to make a too concentrated homemade toothpaste formula, which could damage the enamel.

Second important point: respect for hygiene rules when making your homemade cosmetics. To have a healthy formula and keep your toothpaste for a long time, you must adopt impeccable hygiene to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

When you get down to making your homemade toothpaste, settle into the kitchen. Clean your worktop then sterilize with 90 ° alcohol. Also, wash your hands well, then clean and sterilize your utensils before you start preparing.

If you use essential oils or other powerful active ingredients that can irritate the skin, consider wearing latex gloves. Finally, to keep your toothpaste for as long as possible, consider placing it in a tinted glass container if it contains essential oils: their active ingredients lose power exposed to light.

Natural clay toothpaste

To get started in creating homemade toothpaste here is a simple recipe. Mix 3 tablespoons of powdered clay with a teaspoon of bicarbonate.

The clay will play the role of thickener to bring texture to the toothpaste when the baking soda will remove the tartar and whiten the teeth.

To perfume your toothpaste, freshen the breath and bind the powders together, add 8 drops of sweet mint essential oil to the mixture. To avoid dispersing the powders, mix gently until a homogeneous paste is obtained.

A homemade toothpaste for sensitive teeth

To make a toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth and gums, you can make a recipe based on cloves.

The clove is an ingredient used in many dental treatments because it helps relieve dental pain and sensitivities while healing small oral wounds.

In a bowl, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of powdered green clay. Then reduce two cloves to powder and add them to the mixture.

Mix by gradually adding water to obtain a very homogeneous paste. Then, to perfume your toothpaste, you can add 2 drops of mint essential oil.

Make your toothpaste with vegetable charcoal

Vegetable charcoal, as an alternative to baking soda, is a very good whitening agent that is a little less abrasive than bicarbonate. If you want to make a natural whitening toothpaste that is softer for sensitive teeth and gums, this recipe is ideal.

In a bowl, mix 10 drops of lemon essential oil with a teaspoon of active vegetable charcoal. In parallel, melt a teaspoon of coconut oil which will give consistency to the toothpaste. Mix everything until you get a smooth paste.

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