How to Create a Gmail account in Cameroon

To create a Gmail account in Cameroon very is easy. You will start by creating a Google account, and during the short signal-up method you’ll select your Gmail account call. In this lesson, we’ll show you a way to create your Google account for Gmail, add and edit contacts, and edit your mail settings.

How to Create a Gmail account in Cameroon

To create a Gmail account in Cameroon, you may first need to create a Google account. Gmail will redirect you to the Google account signal-up page. You’ll want to offer some basic facts like your name, delivery date, gender, and location. You will also need to pick a name on your new Gmail address. Once you create an account, you may be capable of start adding contacts and adjusting your mail settings.

To create a Gmail account in Cameroon:

Go to www.Gmail.Com
Click Create account.
Clicking create an account linkHow to Create a Gmail account in Cameroon
The sign-up shape will appear. Follow the directions with the aid of entering the required data.
Filling within the signup shape
Next, enter your telephone quantity to verify your account. Google makes use of a two-step verification method in your security.
confirm telephone wide variety
You will acquire a text message from Google with a verification code. Enter the code to finish the account verification.

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Next, you will see a shape to enter a number of your personal information, like your name and birthday.How to Create an email address in Cameroon
Enter personal data
Review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click on I agree.How to Create a Gmail account in Cameroon

Your account could be created.

Just like with any on line service, it’s critical to choose a sturdy password—in other words, one which is hard for someone else to guess. For more facts, overview our lesson on growing strong passwords.

Signing in on your account

When you first create your account, you’ll be automatically signed in. How to Create a Gmail account in Cameroon

Most of the time, however, you’ll want to register on your account and sign out whilst you’re executed with it. Signing out is especially crucial if you’re the usage of a shared computer (for example, at a library or office) because it prevents others from viewing your emails.

To register:

Go to www.Gmail.Com.
Type your user call (your email address) and password, then click Next.
Signing in
To sign out:
In the top-proper nook of the page, find the circle that has your first initial (if you’ve got already decided on an avatar picture, it will show the picture instead). To sign out, click on the circle and choose Sign out.

Sign out
Mail settings
Occasionally, you may need to make adjustments to Gmail’s look or behavior. For example, you can create a signature or excursion reply, edit your labels, or change the theme. These adjustments can be made from your mail settings.

To access your mail settings:

Click the gear icon inside the top-proper nook of the page, then choose Settings.
Going to mail settings
From here, you could click on any of the categories at the top to edit the favored settings.
General settings category
Adding contacts
Like all fundamental email providers, Gmail lets you maintain an address e book of contacts so you don’t ought to memorize everyone’s e mail addresses. You also can add different touch statistics, like smartphone numbers, birthdays, and bodily addresses.

To upload a touch:

Click the Google apps button.
Google apps button
Click the Contacts button inside the drop-down menu.
Clicking the contacts button
Your contacts display screen will appear. Click the Add new contact button in the lower-right nook.
Clicking add new contact

Enter the touch records, then click on Save.

To edit a contact:

In the Google apps drop-down menu, select Contacts.
Clicking contacts
Locate the touch you want to edit, then click Edit Contact.
Editing a touch
You can now make any changes you want to the touch.
Editing a contact
By default, when you send an e-mail to a new cope with, Gmail provides the address in your contacts. You can then go to your contacts to edit the person’s records as needed.

Importing mail and contacts

You may have already got a touch listing from any other email deal with, and it’d be quite a few paintings to re-input all of this facts manually. Gmail lets in you to import your contacts from another electronic mail account, and you could even import all of your electronic mail messages from that account. Several electronic mail carriers are supported, together with Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL.

To upload other accounts:

Click the equipment icon in the pinnacle-proper corner of the page, then pick Settings.
Go to Accounts and click on Add a mail account. You can then comply with the commands on the screen to import your mail.
Importing mail


If you do not have already got a Gmail account, create one.
Open Gmail.
Navigate to your Gmail settings.
Set your preferences on your Gmail settings.

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