How to register or sign up for Longrich Cameroon

How to register or sign up for Longrich Cameroon.

To be a part of longrich Cameroon, all you need to do is to go to any of their places of work with any of the subsequent necessary facts that I will states below.How to register for longrich Cameroon

The plan is straightforward seeing that Longrich is here that will help you build your home enterprise as an entrepreneur, make residual income and join you to God’s divine plan and reason for your life.

“Everyone wants to be financially free, but have no proper platform for it. The customized Longrich advertising and marketing plan, offers a commercial enterprise platform to realize each person dream, so long as he/she is PERSISTENT pursuing in this platform, and will succeed”. …. By Xu Zhiwei (Chairman of Longrich)

Our Freedom Plan

The first step is to become a member according to the liberty plan is to visit any of the longrich offices or stockist centres for the registration.

Get in and request for the registration form. There, pick any of the applications or entry levels to start. Remember that, the package or entry-degree choose may be given to you in products making the registration unfastened for you. It’s like you are shopping for some quantity of products to be considered a member.

You can also write to me on WhatsApp: +237655884747

that will help you with the registration.

You can also send me the information below or WhatsApp me the information to finish your registration and then deliver your products to you as fast as possible. All relies upon on how fast you need your registration done.

Now, let’s continue! The table underneath is the membership access stage which suggests the different package deal you can select from to check-in.

  1. Platinum VIP
  2. Platinum

  3. Gold

4.  Silver

  1. Combo

NOTE: Each entry-level has its blessings and you can pick a small access level and later improve to reach higher packs. The Combo and Qsilver have their personal default products after registration however the others do not. You can determine the goods you want.

On the registration form, fill the following info:


Sponsor code:

Sponsor call:

Placement code:
Placement Name:

Note: If in case the placement code used is already having its three members, kindly call me on +237655884747 to present you any other code.

Applicant’s Name:

Enter your full name or if you need to create an account on your company, any of your kids or ….. Write it in the applicant call.

Gender: Tick your option. If male, tick it. If girl too, ticks it.

Phone no: Enter your phone number.

City/State: Enter your city and the region within the area.

Date of birth: Enter your date of beginning there.

Email: enter an electronic mail address. If you don’t have, go away it blank.

Name of financial institution: Enter your bank name

Account-holders name: Enter your name used on your financial institution registration.

Acct no: enter account number -commonly for payments every week.

After filling the form, give it to the stockist to go through and sign. After signature, the stockist will insert your details to the computer with a view to getting hold of your club code to login on your account.

Contact  Now (+237655884747) when you have any further questions on the way to join longrich Cameroon for registration.

By Bobvalla

Bobvalla Lesly Fomantum is a Cameroonian from the Northwest part of the country. He is a medical student and the founder of which is a health and fitness website. Bobvalla is kind, humble, hospitable, curious to safe lives. Being a medical doctor for him is not a profession nor a job but the passion he has for the field.

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