How to treat sunken fontanelle of a baby naturally

Today, we are going to show you how to treat sunken fontanelle of a baby naturally.

We often hear moms say: My baby with the fontanelle, he features a strong fever, he can’t eat. So consistent with the habits of every mother.

Treat sunken fontanel of a baby naturally

From birth until two months the baby fontanelle isn’t active. it’s from the 3rd month that she starts to actually beat.

And this up to nine months in some babies for the fontanelle to shut. By cons in others, it’s from 1 or 2 years.

In general, there’s a drag when the fontanelle of the baby is slow to shut. Consequently, the baby can have an enormous head.

How to know that the baby is affected by fontanel?

In some babies, after feeding, they vomit. Others have diarrhoea with a high fever.

A simple method of detection consists of using the index to pass vertically from the front to the neck, to see if there’s a gap larger than normal. If that’s the case, there’s a drag.


1. On the fontanelle and on the palate, vegetable or animal oils or fats (shea butter or cow’s milk, palm oil) are applied.

2. A sunken soft spot within the head is a sign of dehydration.

The baby will get to be fed enough liquids to treat this condition.

Just in case the paediatrician has diagnosed malnutrition, the baby’s diet will get to be checked out to supply him/her complete nourishment.

3. Keep baby’s head supported: Babies don’t have the required neck muscles to stay their head stiff and straight.

Leaving the top unsupported may make it flop and cause injury. Remember to support your baby’s head together with your hand whenever you choose them up and even while holding them in your arms.

A sudden jerk or movement is enough to cause head injury, which may cause problems with the fontanelle also.

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4. Be watchful of illness: If you think something wrong with the fontanelle, including a change within the shape, take the baby to a doctor directly.

It helps to catch any problem early, which helps during a timely resolution.

Thanks for reading how to treat sunken fontanelle of a baby naturally. We pray that this helps you out.

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