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Infidelity: 12 signs that he is cheating on you

Infidelity: 12 signs that he is cheating on you

Your spouse comes home late? Does he work more than usual? Find out the 12 signs and clues that could indicate infidelity.Infidelity: 12 signs that he is cheating on you

1 /12 Man sitting on his bed who seems to feel remorse.

Your lover returns later
Are you used to having your husband or spouse arrive in time to share a well-deserved aperitif and to help prepare the meal? “When someone changes their habits or no longer has a regular schedule like before, be vigilant,” explains April Masini, expert and advisor in romantic relationships.

When your partner’s schedule changes without explanation or without he or she having talked about it beforehand, it may be a sign of infidelity. ”

2 /12 Your romantic evenings are often replaced by outings

Your romantic evenings are often replaced by outings
If your spouse starts to avoid your romantic evenings, it may be because he started having them with someone else.

Still, according to our expert and advisor in romantic relationships, unfaithful people will sometimes continue to go out with their husband but will end the evening earlier by claiming an emergency at work or a poker evening with friends.

They then leave and return very late. “Dividing the evening in half to make time for a romantic evening with another person is a sign that your partner may be cheating on you.”

3 /12 Your spouse no longer wants you to do his laundry

Your spouse no longer wants you to do his laundry
“Be wary when your spouse prevents you from touching his laundry or when he starts to drop off his clothes at the cleaner,” says April Masini.

He might want to hide some of the evidence, and it’s easier for someone who cheats on her husband to do the washing himself. ” Particular care should be taken if a spouse presents this household chores leave as a gift. Rather, it could be a secret he is trying to hide that could hurt you. The sharing of tasks is one of the 10 subjects of dispute common to all couples!

4 /12 You discover a new credit card in its wallet

You discover a new credit card in its wallet
Most married couples share bank accounts and share information on family finances. There are often budgets to follow and each big expense is preceded by a couple discussion. “If you find a new credit card you didn’t know existed, it could be a sign of infidelity,” says Masini.

Unless it’s a work credit card, which you would probably already be aware of, a secret credit card is another proof that your partner is hiding something from you.

5 /12 Your husband lets you play with his phone

Your husband lets you play with his phone
Most women and men who think their partner is being unfaithful will ask to see their phone for calls, emails and text messages.

Don’t be fooled if your partner lets you rummage through his cellphone. According to psychiatrist Scott Haltzman, physician and author of The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity, your spouse may have a second phone for extra-marital activities. Lack of honesty is one of the reasons that justify a breakup, according to women.

6 /12 There is a risk of infidelity if your other half never lets you touch their phone.

Or he never lets you touch his phone
Hélène, a married woman and mother of a young child, said that her husband never had a password to protect the opening of her phone.

Overnight, her husband put a lock code on his cell and never wanted to give Hélène access. “This is a clue that does not lie,” says Laurie Puhn, marriage mediator in New York. “Passwords should be shared in a couple. It often happens that a telephone number is on your spouse’s mobile phone or that you need information in their emails. “It is not a question of being in possession of the complete list of passwords and personal information of your spouse. On the other hand, if you ask him for a justified reason, he should not be reluctant to provide it to you ”,

7 /12 You are in a platonic relationship

You are in a platonic relationship
“No longer wanting to have sex with you – or having a lot less than usual – can mean a lot, including that your partner is unfaithful,” says Puhn.

It could also be that your spouse is concerned about a problematic situation at work, financial stress or that he is worried about the state of health of a family member.

Whatever the reason, talk about it quickly, and tactfully. “Let your partner know that you noticed a difference and ask them what’s going on. You can also try to relight the flame by getting close to it, touching it, exchanging knowing smiles and, of course, making regular advances to it. ”

8 /12 Your spouse now gives you gifts for no reason

Your spouse now gives you gifts for no reason
Frequent gifts, and without it being your birthday or having received a promotion, can be a sign of infidelity. This can be a way to compensate for the other person’s guilt in the relationship. “Have a direct and honest conversation with your spouse,” advises Puhn.

You could say something like, “You never gave me a surprise gift before.” Is there a particular reason for this change? ” Then see what he responds to and how he reacts. Also be on the lookout for other signs, such as offering yourself a bouquet of flowers after cancelling a date with you, for example.

9 /12 He has a “special” relationship on Facebook

He has a “special” relationship on Facebook
Nicole says that she once sat down at the family computer and came across a Facebook message for her husband: “I can’t stop thinking about you, honey. When are we going to see each other again? ” Let’s be realistic: our regular virtual friends don’t talk to us like that.

They congratulate us on the arrival of a new baby or love our vacation photos. But when the conversations get very personal, there is a problem. “Most of today’s infidelities are revealed through a text message or via social networks,” says relationship expert Rachel Russo.

When a woman spies on her husband, or accidentally comes across an item of evidence, it is often incriminating photos, cell phone communications, or even the private messaging of a Facebook account. ”

10 /12 It disappears for long moments

It disappears for long moments
“I’m not talking about little moments when you’re wondering where your partner is,” says Masini. I’m talking about the long periods of time when you don’t know where he is, where you can’t reach him by phone, and why you don’t get any reasonable explanation. ” Your lover however only needs a few seconds to reply to a text message.

11 /12 He now avoids spending time with family

He now avoids spending time with family
If your spouse begins to neglect time or opportunities with very close people and his priorities suddenly change, it could be a sign of infidelity, according to Amy Spencer, an expert in romantic relationships. “Each person is unique in their way of balancing work and family.

We can be worried when this balance suddenly changes. ” Sometimes work encroaches on family activities, recognizes Spencer. “Let’s face it, it can sometimes even be a good reason to avoid a family activity that we like less.

On the other hand, if your spouse has always enjoyed BBQs or family vacations and suddenly avoids them, it could be a warning signal. ”

12 /12 He practices a new sport and does not include you

He practices a new sport and does not include you
“Of course it can be very positive to have a new hobby. Especially if it’s an activity that helps maintain good health, says Spencer. However, be alert for alarm signals.

In addition, it can be worrying to see your partner suddenly devote a very large portion of their time to a new activity. ” For example, a person who starts running, but runs every night for more than three hours, is suspicious.

Try to get interested in your spouse’s new hobby. A person who is truly dedicated to their new project will be delighted and proud to share their exploits. “If your partner is vague and keeps you out of the way, ask yourself questions.”

Make sure you know the communication rules that all couples should adopt!


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