List of present governors in cameroon 2020

Today, we are going to see the list of the present governors in Cameroon 2020.

Please consult the list of all the regions in Cameroon, with their reflective Governors. Since 1998, Cameroon has been made up of 58 departments. These departments constitute the 10 regions of Cameroon.

Governors in Cameroon
SouthwestBernard Okalia BilaiMarch 2012
SouthFelix Nguele NgueleOctober 2015
WestAwa Fonka AugustineJune 2014
North WestAdolphe Lele LafriqueMarch 2012
NorthAbate Edi`i JeanJune 2014
LittoralSamuel Ivaha DibouaOctober 2015
Far NorthMidjiyawa BakaryJune 2014
EastGrégoire MvongoOctober 2015
CentrePaul Naseri BeaMarch 31, 3017
AdamawaKildadi Taguieke BoukarOctober 2015

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By Bobvalla

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