Make Money Developing Applications in Cameroon

You can make money Developing Applications in Cameroon. All you need to do is to follow these simplified steps on to do it.

What are mobile apps ?

A mobile app is basically software which is designed to run on mobile devices such smart phones and tablet computers. Mobile apps can be preloaded on the handheld device and it can also be downloaded by users from app stores or the Internet.

For developing mobile apps you need programming skills.

1. UX/UI Design skills

Get some brain storming by going through some online courses of UX/UI skills or have a look at some of the more successful apps to get an idea of what really works.Make Money Developing Applications in Cameroon

2. Modern Programming Languages

Acquaintance is required with front end development and a good understanding of modern programming languages. For Android java is used and for ios either C language or swift are used.

You can learn mobile app development
• Lynda
• Treehouse
• Udemy
• Youtube (tutorials)
• Google

Two categories of mobile apps, both generate money

1. The ones that are developed only to create income.

Here you can earn profit both directly and indirectly. When the app is sold YOU earn and secondly when ads are attached on that app. The best example of this could be of GAMING APPS. Such as ANGRY BIRDS for Android.

2. The ones that are developed for marketing or app branding purposes.

Location-based apps are the fit example of this regard app works as a marketing channel.

Launch your app and get Paid:

You make money when a great number of users download and use your app on a very frequent basis.

In-app Advertising

The amount of revenue you generate from in-app advertising is based off of traditional advertising models. Advertising pay variously for click-throughs, impressions, which countries the users are from.

There are three ways app developers can earn money:

1. Freelance work

You can create for your services. There are hundreds of thousands of app developers. Create and produce your work, deliver it and deal with your clients wisely. You could be earning from 5k – 1million per month this way.

2. As an employee

In this area you can earn as an app developer according to your technical knowledge and experience. You could be earning around 500k – 2million per month this way.

3. Entrepreneur

Here you should be able to commercialize your apps as an app developer to generate a hefty amount. You could be earning between 200k – 5 per month this way.

Make Money Developing Applications in Cameroon

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