Natural remedies for bedwetting

Today, we are going to look at the natural remedies for bedwetting

What is Bedwetting?

It’s often an embarrassing experience for youngsters to awaken in bed feeling wet from urination. It also can be very painful for folks to ascertain their children undergo this experience. The bedwetting experience may be a common condition that’s not just physiological but features a psychological impact also.Natural remedies for bed wetting
Bedwetting or enuresis may be a condition where children beyond the age of 5 years involuntarily urinate within the night.

This condition isn’t amid any disease and affects 15% to twenty of youngsters, 2% to three of teenagers while 0.5% to twenty of adults also suffer from this condition.

Bedwetting normally occurs in the dark during sleep. generally, children with nocturnal enuresis (nocturnal for a night) don’t have daytime enuresis. However, it’s estimated that nearly 10% of youngsters can have daytime wetting symptoms additionally to nocturnal enuresis.

Causes of Bedwetting

Children, who have a bent to wet their bed, rarely realize the involuntary urination. this happens thanks to various factors. a number of them are:

-Inability to awaken from sleep
-Overactive bladder
-Delayed control of the bladder
-Consumption of caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea
-Psychological issues
-Genetic factors
-Nasal obstruction, apnea
-Incontinence with no control on defecation or urination.

Natural Remedies for Bedwetting

Behavioural remedies and academic strategies should be tried before resorting to any medication. There may even be a role for complementary therapy to stop bedwetting.
The following are a number of the house remedies for bedwetting –

Behavioural remedies

There are preventive measures which will be adopted to limit the habit of bedwetting. a number of the measures include:

 Reward program:

This is often one among the initial measures adopted during the training of young children for bedwetting. Children are rewarded once they have a dry night, which makes them feel encouraged to continue this positive progress.

However, the downside is that children may feel disappointed and discouraged if they regress and have a wet night that creates them lose out on their reward.

Urinate twice before getting to bed: the kid is asked to urinate just before preparing to travel to bed. After the kid is within the bed, the kid is formed to urinate again just before sleeping.

Reduce liquid consumption within the evening (deprivation): the kid is inspired to drink tons of fluids during the day. However, the consumption of liquids is restricted by evening. this enables the kid to empty the bladder before getting to bed.

Improve bladder capacity – Reduced capacity of the bladder may render the bladder incapable of holding the overnight urine resulting in bedwetting. Increasing the bladder capacity may help the kid overcome bed-wetting. During the daytime, the kid is formed to carry the urine a touch longer to extend the bladder capacity.

Use of an evening lamp:

Children are often encouraged to use the restroom within the night by keeping an evening lamp on. this will help dispel the fear of darkness that prevent children from accessing the restroom.

Timed urination:

Following a schedule – the kid is formed to awaken within the night to urinate. This helps create a body clock for the kid to urge into a routine for urination and stop bedwetting. this will also help older children, teenagers, and adults to awaken and urinate.

Some parents use a code word with the kid while waking them up to make sure the youngsters are awake once they urinate.


Children are made to sleep on mattress pads or mats that have electrical alarms set in them to detect urine that falls on them. There also are alarms that are attached to the body with sensors within the underwear. The alarms are either light devices or alarms with vibrations or sounds.


Individuals start to drink excess fluids to refill the bladder before bedtime and utilize the alarm to know the necessity to empty the bladder. The alarm training is performed for 2 weeks to urge the body to acknowledge the change in bladder retention.

Carrying the kid:

Parents attempt to get the child to urinate and empty the bladder while asleep thus avoiding the consequence of bedwetting. This procedure is understood as “Lifting”.
Behavioural and academic strategies within the management of bedwetting.

Dry bed training:

During this training, on one night, children are woken every hour during the night to urinate. within the case of an accident, 45 minutes is spent in cleaning up (cleanliness practice) and positive training is implemented, where the kid goes nearly ninefold to urinate. the next days involve awakening the kid just one occasion or twice during the night.

Complete home remedies

This involves a mixture of the alarm, overactive training, cleanliness practice, and dry bed training.
Diet, Psychotherapy and Complementary or Alternative therapies for bed Wetting
Diet: Avoid drinks that contain caffeine. Caffeinated drinks cause a greater chance of bedwetting as they work as stimulants.

More research data is required to know the effect of some foods on bladder retention. Constipation also can be an underlying explanation for bedwetting and therefore the use of stool softeners is suggested.


Children, who have psychological issues, are subjected to psychotherapy. The therapist tries to know the affective disorder that causes the kid to persistently wet the bed. Measures are taken to switch the factors which will cause this affective disorder.


Children could also be treated with homoeopathy to alleviate the symptoms of bedwetting but clinical research must verify the effectiveness of this therapy.

Homoeopathic medications act by controlling the musculature of the bladder, managing the function and therefore the control of the bladder. This eliminates involuntary urination and reduces anxiety during a child.

Homoeopathic medications are a beautiful alternative as they’re sweet, natural, and safe to offer to children.
Acupuncture and chiropractic are other sorts of therapy which will tend to affect bedwetting. However, the effectiveness of such therapies must be verified with more research trials.

END of natural remedies for bedwetting.

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