Natural treatment for hiccups in children

Today we shall look at the natural treatment for hiccups in children and lots more.
Baby’s hiccups are a spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm following absorption of excess air. Natural treatment for hiccups in children Although this sounds disturbing, it is quite common in infants. However, there are some great grandmother recipes to help calm your little one.

Natural remedies to get baby’s hiccups through

You can treat the baby’s hiccups through food: the goal is first to make the diaphragm return to its normal rhythm. Just chewing it can solve the problem. You can give him apple sauce, mashed bananas, rice cereal, or a lump of sugar under his tongue.

If the baby is still too small, induce the honey or sugar pacifier. Or put a drop of lemon juice on her lips. Otherwise, consider sequencing meals by giving several small doses several times a day.

Take the right steps to treat hiccups
Even if in adults certain gestures work every time, in the baby it is not the same. His still fragile body may injure himself if you startle him, stick his tongue out or even press his fontanelles, his eyeballs. The large glass of water should also be avoided. Start by putting it upright and straight for half an hour.

You can massage her back gently to relax her muscles. You can rock him too, or distract him with games to make him forget this annoying hiccup. In prevention, remain vigilant so that it does not swallow air during the feeding.

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Otherwise, remember to tilt the bottle and burp even during the meal. And if his hiccups are still insistent, don’t worry, in the end, a hiccup goes by itself.

END of natural treatment for hiccups in children.

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