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Reduce bad cholesterol with beets

Today, we are going to see how to reduce bad cholesterol with beets.
Cholesterol is an essential fatty substance for the proper functioning of our body. Cholesterol is transported in the blood via proteins called lipoproteins.Reduce bad cholesterol with beets

Low-Density Lipoproteins or LDL carries cholesterol from the liver to the cells. When cholesterol circulates in excess in the blood, that is to say in a quantity greater than the needs of our cells, LDL deposits it directly in the arteries.

LDL is known as bad cholesterol because its increase is an important cardiovascular risk factor.
Like onions, beets play a role in controlling your cholesterol. Above all, it helps to maintain a balance, especially if you tend to consume dishes high in salt and saturated fat.

In the evening, on the menu, prepare a small beetroot salad with vinaigrette. Or simply eat raw beets directly

Beetroot has the therapeutic property of reducing the level of bad cholesterol, responsible for cardiovascular disorders, and of increasing that of good cholesterol, essential for the protection and maintenance of your arteries!

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By Bobvalla

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