SEO Agency: How to choose the best natural SEO agency

SEO Agency: How to choose the best natural SEO agency?

How to choose the right SEO agency?

Good positioning in search engines is essential and strategic for your business. Your customers and collaborators use Google every day to find information or buy products. You certainly know it: natural referencing is the keystone of your online visibility.SEO Agency: How to choose the best natural SEO agency

But you have neither the time nor the skills to optimize the SEO of your site. You are therefore thinking of calling on a service provider to do this work. Here are the key points to check before signing a contract with an SEO agency and choosing a long-term employee.

What is the use of an SEO agency?

An agency specializing in SEO offers a wide range of services, from the audit of your site to the implementation of recommendations, including positioning reports that allow you to assess the results obtained over time. The search marketing agency generally brings together a plurality of experts:

The consultant in organic referencing: he has at the same time a solid technical background allowing to apprehend all the challenges of referencing and deep knowledge of the requirements of Google and other search engines. It carries out an active daily watch to keep abreast of developments (such as algorithm updates, for example).

It is also capable of monitoring your site using specific tools and performing on-site optimization (writing tags, URL redirects, reducing page loading speed, etc.).

The netlinking specialist :

In some agencies, the link-building strategy is taken care of by a dedicated department. But, depending on the scope of your project, the SEO specialist can take on these missions alone.

The SEO writer :

He creates value-added content, optimized for SEO and integrating the keywords on which you want to position yourself (as well as their semantic derivatives).
In general, a project manager is allocated to your file in order to simplify and unify the exchanges.

This structural model is not fixed:

Some agencies offer other services that can help you improve your visibility, such as the management of your social accounts by a community manager or the follow-up of a project manager in the event of an overhaul of the site.

Finally, it should be noted that SEO is a cross-cutting issue, which closely affects many areas: web marketing, business strategy, qualification of contacts or web design.

The greater the knowledge and experience of your service provider in these areas, the easier it will be to make your business model and your objectives heard and understood.SEO Agency: How to choose the best natural SEO agency

What are the stages of site optimization?

Again, there is no specific rule since the service is always personalized according to your challenges, the quality of your existing site and possible technical issues, such as a redesign or the use of certain computer languages. Nevertheless, it is possible to cite a few major steps:

The audit of positioning :

This study highlights the gaps and areas for improvement in terms of SEO. These can be technical, coming from a lack of quality content, a penalty imposed by Google or a small number of inbound links.

The definition of strategic and long-tail keywords, related to your activity:

These are not only the keywords that you want to improve your visibility but also and above all those that are used by your prospects and customers. Several tools allow you to define the right keywords based on an estimate of the monthly volume of each request.

The monitoring of the implementation of technical and editorial recommendations.
The regular creation of content on the website and/or the blog of the company.
The acquisition of backlinks (incoming links) through negotiations and partnerships.

How to find the right provider?

There are several ways to assess the quality of an SEO agency in Paris or in the provinces. Beyond word-of-mouth, which is an essential indicator of the relational sense and the efficiency of a service provider, there are a number of ways to benefit from quality support.

Observe the positioning of the agency or expert on Google

Enter keywords related to the activity of your agency and its geographic (or intervention) area. If it appears in the very first results, this is a pretty good sign. On the other hand, if it remains untraceable, mistrust is de rigueur.

Ask for references

If your service provider has not been advised to you by an acquaintance, you have the right to ask him for references. Getting the name of a company is not enough. Ask your contact to provide you with examples of concrete results, if possible in a field of activity close to yours.

Get an appointment

The telephone contact or email rarely enough to get a close view of reality. It is important that you can meet your interlocutor (s) in a physical office. In this way, you will be able to see how the agency works and what tools it has.

Objective and subjective criteria

Beyond these indicators, which will certainly allow you to make an initial sorting, there are other criteria, often more personal, which can make all the difference.


Some advertisers prefer to work with providers who are located in the geographic area of ​​their business and are looking for an SEO agency in Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Montpellier or Bordeaux. This proximity facilitates appointments and can be a factor in reassurance.

The cost

The budget is an important factor. But this is not only to guide your research. Remember that it is possible to compare two providers with equal skills, who have a similar level of expertise.

It is advisable to be wary of very attractive tariffs: you must have the certainty that the selected agency will provide you with a real work of quality, in adequacy with the rules decreed by the search engines, and will be able to be reactive in the event of a problem.

If you do, you risk losing your money if the results are not there. We must also be vigilant and recognize false promises. Obtaining a first position in the search engines on a competitive keyword by paying only one hundred euros … it’s simply impossible!


It is very important that you can benefit from the optimal follow-up, according to your needs and your challenges. The reporting phases are very important to help you understand and measure the work accomplished. In general, the agencies offer to send you a positioning report every month.

This shows the evolution of your visibility on the chosen keywords. The service must be carried out in complete transparency and your contact must be sufficiently available to answer your questions, whether by telephone or email. Finally, appointments must not only punctuate contract renewal periods.

SEO agency

An SEO agency or freelance?

It is possible to use an agency specialized in organic referencing or an independent SEO specialist. However, as we saw above, most natural referencing projects involve the mastery of a lot of knowledge: technical, marketing and editorial. Unless you come across a “5-legged sheep” who can manage your entire project from A to Z, it is best to use an agency that will orchestrate the service by drawing on its pool of skills.

Outsource SEO to an Agency, an Independent Expert or Internalize
Here is a question that many web entrepreneurs ask themselves: “Should I call upon the services of an SEO Agency, those of an independent SEO Expert or recruit an in-house Project Manager dedicated to SEO issues?

The answer is not simple because it depends on several parameters, in particular the volume of actions to be carried out, the budget and the internal resources to contribute to its organic SEO strategy. On the other hand, all will share the same actions, namely content creation, netlinking and technical optimization of the site. These actions will aim to raise the site on search engines!

SEO Agency: A pool of specialists with a storefront

As we have seen, an SEO Agency is a company made up of SEO specialists. The strength of an SEO agency lies in its ability to deploy large human resources and resources to achieve its client’s objectives. Based on the premise that SEO is above all human work, the larger an agency, the greater the expected results.

SEO agency in Paris, Lille or Marseille?

You will find many SEO Agencies in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Grenoble, Lille, Bordeaux, Montpellier or Nice. 2 criteria are then important in choosing THE right agency: proximity and reputation of the agency. You live in Ile-de-France, you then decide to choose an SEO Agency in Paris for reasons of simplicity, favour a natural SEO agency with a good reputation and good references (and examples). Take the time to compare as many as possible the 75 SEO Agencies.

Independent SEO expert

The independent SEO expert generally benefits from at least as much, or even more, SEO skills. On the other hand, it will be difficult for him to combine a multitude of projects because his freelance status does not allow him to manage as much volume as an SEO agency. Then give priority to an available natural referencing expert with projects to present to you.

Recruit an in-house SEO project manager

The choice to recruit an SEO project manager internally is recommended and justifiable as soon as the volume of activity and actions allows. Indeed, the internal SEO project manager will then be responsible for all SEO issues from monitoring to on-site optimizations, including netlinking and the acquisition of backlinks.


To conclude, choosing an SEO agency to improve your visibility, your reputation and your turnover cannot be improvised! Beyond the skills and know-how of your provider, you must ensure that monitoring, listening and availability will be there.

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