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Weight Loss for women (the ultimate guides)

Weight loss for women is often the centre of attention, with obesity a real threat. In fact, more than 40% of the American population is overweight! Being overweight is a problem for all people who are a little strong because they no longer dare to expose their body and even end up completely neglecting it.Weight Loss for women

Sometimes even, some people assume their overweight completely and prefer to transform it into physical quality. This non-conformist attitude actually hides a truth that no one can contradict: taking charge when one has completely given up is a difficult process to undertake.

However, losing weight is not only a factor of aesthetic beauty but also and above all of good health. Overweight leads to many serious and fatal pathologies, which can be avoided by taking control of your body, your eating habits and your sports activities.

How do women gain weight?

1. Genetic

Some women gain weight very easily, even if they eat fairly well. Metabolic factors, thyroid problems, diabetes and family liabilities are often correlated. Indeed, if the body is genetically programmed to store calories in the form of fat, the slightest dietary difference is immediately felt.

For these people, knowing how to determine the causes of weight gain is crucial and then making the necessary arrangements. In any case, a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in proteins and good fats of type omega 3 can literally reverse the situation, even if the implementation of this type of food program can be very difficult at first glance.

2. Poor lifestyle

The French 21 the century often eat out, never skip an appetizer, to tend to snack and very little movement. Food anarchy, saturated with fast sugars, saturated fats and poor in fibres and essential fatty acids end up disturbing the body, which must fight against incessant variations in insulin levels. Weight Loss for womenOver the long term, the body can no longer properly capture calories and becomes resistant to this insulin.

This resistance is responsible for almost all inflammatory and chronic diseases, including the most fatal. The lack of balance in the diet is by far the main factor promoting weight gain, overweight and obesity.

Why women gain weight


The pill, implants and all contraceptive devices containing hormones are linked to a metabolic disorder. Women who use them often notice weight gain in the form of fat and water retention, as well as poor venous return. And often, they notice that they have more appetite, especially for sweet foods.

The female hormones are useful to protect the organism, to fight against osteoporosis, to maintain a good elasticity of the skin and more resistant hair.

But when you take it as a supplement, the health risks are real: venous problem, risk of heart attack, increase in blood pressure, electrolyte imbalance, etc.

Which diet to adopt?


Women must imperatively monitor their consumption of carbohydrates. Above all, they must absolutely avoid consuming fast sugars such as confectionery, sodas, alcohol or cakes.

Fast sugars force the pancreas to secrete a lot of insulin to allow blood glucose to enter the tissues, and a chronic rise in these levels promotes the famous insulin resistance, which causes diabetes, high cholesterol levels, weight gain, water retention and cellulite.

To reduce the risk of weight gain, women should eat little carbohydrates (less than 100g per day) and favor sources rich in fibre such as sweet potato, oatmeal, quinoa and wholegrain rice.

Priority to proteins and good fats
Eating a healthy diet to keep body fat low and good health is actually not complicated. Protein is the nutrient you absolutely favor, and the foods that contain it are:

White meats
Eggs (organic!)
The fish
The crustaceans
Dairy products

Also, unsaturated fats are essential; they reduce inflammation, keep joints in good condition, improve insulin sensitivity, moderate appetite and help with weight loss.

What diet to lose weight

Foods high in good fats
Vegetable oils such as olive, rapeseed, flax, walnut oil
Almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios
Oily fish such as salmon Egg yolk, if it is organic
Foods rich in fibre not only improve intestinal transit and thus keep the stomach flat, but they also promote weight loss.

In fact, fibers reduce the speed of assimilation of food , with the consequence: a reduction of the glycemic index, a moderation of appetite and better overall assimilation of nutrients, which reinforces satiety and naturally reduces cravings snacking and food cravings.

Food supplements

There are many fat burners that help with weight loss. Most often, they facilitate fat burning by increasing metabolism, reducing hunger, promoting renal elimination of water and transforming stored fat into energy. Fat burners can be lipotropic or thermogenic.

Thermogenic formulas containing caffeine are the most popular, but lipotropic active agents are also very famous on fat burning, such as l-carnitine or CLA.

Also, protein powder can be a great help, especially for preparing snacks between meals, or as a meal replacement depending on the objective. Proteins like casein, slow to digest and very low in calories, are preferred for weight loss.

What about the sport?

Most women looking to shed pounds are so afraid of gaining muscle mass that they avoid weight training and only do cardio training. This is a mistake because knowing how to tone your muscles is the most effective way of forcing the body to burn fat.Weight Loss for women

To get that tone, weight training is the most reliable solution, but there are other sports where you can also stimulate your body to facilitate weight loss: Crossfit and crosstraining in general, sprinting, sports. combat and all strength sports.

Choose the right cardio
There are two types of cardio, to strengthen your endurance but also to burn fat better. Depending on your parallel sports activities and your physical condition, both can be very effective.

If you do muscle building or strength training, we recommend moderate-intensity cardio. It will serve to strengthen the burning of calories and to burn fat better.

If you do not do any other sporting activity in parallel, refer to HIIT, or high-intensity interval training.

Our tips

Promote venous return by using food supplements based on Gingko Biloba or certain
special fat burners for women
that contain it.

During the aperitif, replace the alcohol with light sodas or sparkling water.

Replace the aperitif cakes with almonds and raw vegetables.

Relax. Take the time each day to

somewhere calm, if possible by raising your legs.

Our tips for losing weight

Drink green tea between meals.

Use an anti-cellulite cream on stubborn areas such as the buttocks, thighs and hips.

Do not skip meals. Eat breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner daily.

END of Weight Loss for women

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